Gable Tech Support services

I assist clients everyday with a whole range of services, setting up WiFi networks, to sharing/streaming media across multiple devices and computer repair, or even setting up that new printer. Combining the skills and experience of 10 years supporting large networks across six states and 6 years here as Gable Tech Support in the Kootenai County area I can assist with all of your  tech support needs.

Small Business IT Services

Technology is a major part of the success of any small business today. Hiring full time IT support staff  sometimes is not cost effective for some businesses when you factor in wages + vacation, sickness etc. I offer flexible business tech support and IT services when you need it. Reasonable rates, no contracts, no recurring fees. 

Home Tech Support Services

In-home tech support is a fast and convenient way to resolve many technology challenges. Senior support is what I really enjoy, computers is just one of the things I can help you with. Anything electronic, I can help you figure it out.