Senior citizen computer training

Many seniors initial reaction to using a computer is, "I can never do that" . After just a few sessions they are excited and proud of the new skills they picked up or the old ones they resurrected just by asking for me computer help.

Senior citizens learning how to use the new technologies to their advantage, computer and Internet usage has been shown to ease depression and loneliness, and remove the sense of isolation many older individuals feel, particularly when the topic of computing or the subject of the Internet arises in conversations.
Many older individuals find email an easier way to communicate than using the telephone, an especially important consideration for people with hearing difficulties. I use easy to understand terminology and patiently work with you until you are happy with the results.

I proudly offer senior discounts as many seniors are on fixed income and cannot afford standard retail pricing for this type of service.

Do you want to:

Email your friends?
Email also provides an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and distant family, and for grandparents to stay in contact and remain part of their grand children's lives, no matter how far away they may reside -- and all without incurring long-distance charges.

Skype your grandchildren?
Video phone is here.... talk with your family and see them at the same time.

Connect with family on Facebook?
Nearly half of the seniors using Facebook use it to connect with family and old friends. Sharing Photos ,stories and playing games are just some of the fun that Facebook has to offer. 

Learn more about your computer, and what it can do?
Gain confidence with the computer

Get help with the TV's, Stereo or other technical gadget?

Get some technology coaching or need a personal shopper.
Some technology will waste your time, some will save you money and time. Let me show you which technology complements your lifestyle. Do you need help purchasing your next TV, Laptop, Cell phone or other electronic item?

Let me help you!
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